RAW Truffles

RAW Truffles

I spent the day making (and eating) lots of RAW food with ‘sacred energy’ at the spiral studios in kent. These are my 100% RAW truffles made of raisins, walnuts and olive oil (may try without olive oil if I repeat this recipe)
After whizzing these in a food processor, I moulded them into balls and dipped them in either RAW cacao powder, dessicated coconut, poppy seeds or sesame seeds, but whatever takes your fancy. I thought next time I might try a bit of cinammon, vanilla, ground almonds and even nutmeg.
Topped off with a nut or piece of dried fruit to make these look pretty.
Your hands will get very oily, so you can wear gloves but I enjoy getting messy….this is also a great activity to do with kids, as it is easy and allows them to be creative, and for those children not on a vegan diet, it is also a great way to help encourage them to eat clean.


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