Ok, so the ice needs to be frozen the night before, but the assembly of this cute nutritious breakfasts takes seconds, and if you make up the ice just before you go to bed the night before, you’ll be all set in the morning!

Here’s a photo of my breakfast! This is just Alpro Vanilla yoghurt, with oats and some ice cubes i froze last night, totally fit for the gorgeous weather we’re having

Last night I made up some cordial, poured into the moulds, and left overnight. I would usually use leftover smoothie or fruits. You can get as creative as you like, use whatever you have. Even if you only have the normal cube moulds, then you can do an assortment of colours, then when they’re frozen smash them up and sprinkle over yoghurt for a fruity rainbow breakfast!

Another idea I’ve seen done, with the block ice cubed tray, is placing individual portions of fruit in the trays with water, loos great in drinks! …Think i might give that one a go but need to go shopping and stock up on fruit as we’re down to our last strawberry!

Alternatively, novelty moulds are widely available and very cheap now (mine in fact was a free gift with a magazine). But amazon do chocolate heart shape moulds starting at less than £2.

#vegan #vegetarian #healthy #funideasforkids #lowcalories #cuteideas #breakfast


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