The sunny weather always puts me in the mood for chilled coffee drinks/frappes and so on, hence the second coffee post of the day.

I’m guessing most UK vegans are familiar with the Vive Soy brand, but I can’t believe I’m just discovering their cappucino flavour!

So low in calories and saturated fat, wayyyy cheaper than a Starbucks or Costa, and full of vitamins, protein and goodness, there’s nothing not to like or want about this product. It’s sold in 1L cartons, and I can drink an entire carton of this and feel absolutely no shame, because at 585kcal for the entire carton, there’s no need to.

Before going vegan, I used to love the Starbucks discoveries drinks, they were so delicious, so convinient and always gave me that kick start. In fact (aside from cheese), I think I’d feel confident in saying that these are what I missed the most – although very expensive for what you got. Vive soy, you get almost 5 times the amount for two thirds of the price!

Definitely going to be loading up on this, especially as it’s on offer for £1 at Waitrose this month, it’s safe to say I’m going to be on a major caffeine high for a while!

If you live outside the UK, particularly the US, don’t feel disheartened if this isn’t available, as there is most likely something very similar available to you!


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