This isn’t so much a recipe post, more of another bit of proof, that you can put anything in nori.

I tend to use nori as most people would use a sandwich. In that, you can shove anything in it for a super quick snack or meal.

I am off on holiday tomorrow, so really didn’t want to buy anything fresh or open anything new, so I had a leftover carrot, some leftover soup from a couple of nights ago and as always, nori.

I simply just julienned the carrot, lightly pan fried, and then used the soup (takha dahl with spinach) as a sauce. Then rolled, i think it’s a bit of a myth that you need a sushi mat to roll nori, in fact unless you are rolling something like sushi rice or a puree, i actually find it harder as the shape is harder to manipulate.
I also like to lightly baste the nori with a bit of miso or lemon juice for an extra flavour kick.

I’d be interested to hear some of everyone’s favourite nori fillings šŸ™‚


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