Green Juice/Smoothie

Green Juice/Smoothie

I’ve been curious about the green smoothie trend, and yesterday stumbled upon a green smoothie/juice stand. There are probably some of these slightly closer to home, but like on any holiday, you tend to notice and embrace things more.

So, since I had half an hour to kill before my pre booked tour began, I thought I’d indulge myself. This one for those of you who don’t speak danish (which is probably most) contained broccoli, spinach, orange, ginger, wheatgrass and lemon. Sounds kind of disgusting, I agree, but shockingly you end up tasting mostly the citrus and the ginger, the other stuff it would appear is just in there for colour and nutrients.

I will admit, I did feel awesome after it, but can’t help but wonder if this is slightly psycosematic. I don’t doubt for a second that drinking one of these a day would result in better holistic health, and wouldn’t hesitate to do this if I had a decent juicing machine. However, I like to try anything (at least) once, and if I had more time here, I would definitely like to try a few more off the menu. There is only one non vegan drink on this menu, containing bee pollen which I believe is the flu fighter drink, the rest are 100% vegan and delicious!


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