Tofu Hotdogs

Tofu Hotdogs

First of all, sorry about the lack of posts this week, busy isn’t even the word! I will ensure to post some more recipe next week on my return from Copenhagen, but for now, just a bit of food talk.

The picture, believe it or not, even though it looks super real, is actually a 100% vegan hotdog. It seems that Scandinavia are much more vegan friendly than I thought, with many vegetarian and vegan restaurants, including a chain vegetarian restaurant which pops up pretty frequently as I’m walking around.

The hot dog stalls are a massive thing here in Denmark, it was the first thing I saw when I got off the plane, replacing the usual Starbucks or Mcdonalds that awaits you when you arrive from a flight.

I’ve been told the reason they exist, was down to a demand for street food, but Danes couldn’t allow the thought of women eating street thought, it seemed propostuous and unlady like for women to be eating food in public, let alone a very phallic food such as hot dogs.

However, for every rule there is someone to break it, and this was no exception. A group of young men decided to start selling hot dogs on their bicycles between 2-6 in the morning when there were no ladies. Because of it’s extreme popularity, more people set up hot dog stands, and now today there is a stand round every street corner.

All of the stands have seemed fairly similar in terms of their menu (there’s only so much variation of sausage in a bun) and all the ones I have noticed, have had a vegetarian/vegan option. However, I have found there are a couple of differences, which for me are a big deal. Firstly, it is optional for any food or restaurant owner in Scandinavia to sign up to the Nordic cuisine manifesto, which I posted earlier in the week (it enforces the ethical sourcing of ingredients and quality of produce), so if you ever are in Scandinavia, even though you may not plan on eating yourself, it is better to support a chain that does at least try to source their ingredients ethically. Secondly, is that they have seperate cooking equipment for their vegan option. I would assume that most do, but like any industry, there’s always the guys that try to cut corners. And lastly, and probably the least important, is that the ingredients are organic. This doesn’t really have much to do with the treatment of animals, more just a matter of being health conscious. I’ve been told that there are only 2 organic hot dog stands, so far, in Copenhagen, including the one I visited by the round tower.

In terms of taste, one of the closest things to meat I’ve tried, for me even better as real frankfurters never agreed with me when I was a meat eater. The particular stall I went to was actually ranked best place to take your children in Copenhagen 2013, because the staff are so friendly, the area is open and child friendly, and most importantly, though I think there’s limit to how healthy a hot dog can be, this is probably the closest you can get without needing to substitute the meat for a carrot!


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