ImCressive Idea


No that wasn’t a typo, that was my attempt at making a hilarious food pun. I do mostly stick to the food, but there’s a part of me I’m pretty sure that wants to be a comedian.

Pun aside, it’s to do with this cress (in case you hadn’t figured that out). In Copenhagen, in the Torvendhalle (the indoor markets), a lot of the tables have these on them. And it’s not just for decoration, people are welcome to help themselves to the cress to put on their meal, like you usually would salt or pepper at most restaurants.

I know there’s not much to say on this, but I just thought it was a really novel idea, and would love to see it become a ‘thing’ in restaurants and cafes outside of Denmark….and why stop at cress, maybe restaurants could have a little herb garden on the table?

This obviously an idea which I think shouldn’t be exclusive to vegan restaurants, and this was in fact vegan friendly stall, serving an array of vegan and non vegan food. I wish I’d had enough room to fit a meal in at this place, but I came here only about an hour after my hotdog. I went back on Saturday but to my disappointment it was closed!

However, Copenhagen was one of my favourite places I’ve visited and do plan to return someday. Not just for the food, but the culture, atmosphere and people too.

Would love to hear if you’ve come across anything like this before either near you or on your travels.


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