I do enjoy a bit of RAW food, I can always definitely feel the difference in my mood and energy when I eat RAW, and despite people’s impressions, it’s really easy to make RAW food….providing you have the right equipment, and don’t worry, all you need for this one if a food processor.

I am a proud owner of a Kenwood blender, I don’t doubt that Vitamix’s are incredible and powerful, but for what I use it for, it’s unnecessary.

If you are on a RAW food diet, you can have it like this or make cashew cream to go with this (blended cashews and water), but if not it’s probably easier and cheaper to just buy some soy cream.

I would eat more RAW food, but despite being easy to cook, it makes a lot of mess to prepare, and since I share a sink with 4 other girls and no dishwasher, it can become stressful if there’s too much cleaning.

Anyway, here’s the recipe (this made a very large portion that I think would serve about 18)
20 apples, peeled, deseeded and roughly chopped
200g cashews
200g dates
spoonful of cinnamon or agave (optional)

1. Blitz the apples (and cinnamon/agave) in a food processor, until very finely chopped, but not pureed, then put this at the bottom of the serving dish.
2. For the topping, put the cashews and dates into the same food processor, you don’t need to clean it as the leftover bits of apple should add a little extra flavour to the topping. Briefly blitz, it shouldn’t take more than about 10-15 seconds to reach a crumbly consistency. If you prefer a less chunky topping than carry on blitzing (i would only go for 5 seconds at a time)
3. Put the topping on top and enjoy.

The apples will turn brown pretty quickly, but will still taste good. If you don’t mind a bit of a citrussy taste to it, you can add a bit of lemon juice which will slow down the browning.


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