VeggiChop Basil Hummus

VeggiChop Basil Hummus

Another day at work, meaning it’s another day ending with sore feet and a smile on my face.

Today, we were promoting a product called the ‘VeggiChop’. The idea of this product is it works as a mini electric food processor would, but it is done manually by pulling a chord which rotates the blades (the chord pulling is like starting a lawnmower but on a much smaller scale). The product says you can chop food in it as well as make sauces/purees, but I actually quite enjoy practising my knife skills so we decided to make hummus in store.

The advantages to doing it manually? Firstly, it’s so much easier to store and keep clean (and operate) than an electronic version. Secondly, saving electricity and the planet etc etc, thirdly it’s much cheaper to buy and the last reason is you get a little work out before your meal! Just kidding….kinda. Another bonus is you are in some respects in more control of how finely chopped or processed the food becomes, as it is done more gradually (the blades obviously don’t spin as fast or as non stop) although i can’t imagine getting anything as smooth as you would in a food processor.

Anyway, I’m almost tempted to get one of my own purely just to make hummus. The only thing that puts me off making my own all the time, is the faff of getting everything out.

A word of caution though, if you are older, or struggle with manual tasks, then stick to the electronic version…i don’t consider it anymore tiring than say kneading dough, or whisking batter, but I know some people do find these difficult for whatever the reason may be.

The recipe went down well with customers, i’ll write the ingredients, but the method was just as simple as putting it all in the veggichop and pulling until it became hummus! And we didn’t use tahini because we didn’t have any….but it worked and tasted great regardless. There is also tabasco in the recipe, but don’t be afraid! It is mainly because the men insisted, but I refused to let them put too much in! The amount we ended up using actually tasted really good, and would recommend giving it a go.

Can of chickpeas (drained)
about 20 leaves fresh basil
4tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
Juice from 1/2 lemon
1tbsp tomato puree
1 tsp tabasco (optional)
20 ml water

if you are actually interested in getting one, they are widely available, or i’ve posted the link of where you can order one if you’re in the UK


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