HONEYCOMB WITH GOOEY CHOCOLATE (home made ‘crunchies’)


These are essentially vegan home made crunchies. I used to love crunchies before I hopped on the animal welfare bandwagon…. I loved them to a point where the day the miniature heroes stopped including them, was the same day I professed I hated cadbury (a little extreme but I was about 12 years old).
Anyway, I hadn’t made honeycomb in years, and despite it’s misleading name, honeycomb is not often made with honey. In shops it’s usually the chocolate that makes in non vegan.
I have got to say, this was the most trial and error i’ve ever done with a recipe, totalling 8 batches, of which 2 came out correctly. I experimented with different heats, diferent methods of adding the bicarbonate and different quantities of ingredients….but in the end my faulty honeycomb came down to my pan! A very novice error using an old, fair to say rusty pan….the main reason I was using it was because it was much larger than my nice, non stick pan.
Alas, the faulty honeycomb will not go to waste, about 4 of the batches tasted fine, just didn’t have the right texture, so i still may use this for cake garnish or cookies in the future.
Honeycomb does last a while and also makes a cheap, easy but still very nice gift.
I finished this off with dark chocolate. Most 70% cocoa chocolates (or more) are vegan, but make sure to check the label.

Ingredients for 1 batch (about 8 pieces)
100g caster sugar
1/3 cup golden syrup
1.5 tsp bicarbonate soda
50g dark chocolate (70%)
2 tbsp soya or sunflower spread (optional)

1. Mix together the sugar and syrup in a bowl, then put the mix into a good non stick pan at a medium heat.
2. Allow the mixture to melt, occasionally stirring to prevent the bottom from burning and so it is evenly distributed.
3. When the mixture reaches the stage of a light bubbling all over (not too much or it will mean the sugar is burnt and will go bitter), very quickly add the bicarbonate and rigorously stir until you can’t see it.
4. The mixture will expand, leave for about 30 seconds then pour onto some baking parchment. Leave this to set for about 4 hours on the counter (I left it overnight).
5. When it is set, either using bare hands or scissors (i did a bit of both) break up the honeycomb into pieces. This can be as big or small as you want.
6. Break up the chocolate into pieces and melt in a bowl over some hot water. Add the soy spread at this point if you are using it. The soy spread will give the chocolate that ‘gooeyness’, rather than completely setting.
7. Dip honeycomb pieces into the chocolate, leave to cool and enjoy!


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