Vegan Sushi Alert!

Vegan Sushi Alert!

This is not so much a recipe for sushi, as the possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to sushi fillings, just a sharing of ideas.
This is just what I had yesterday, sushi with 2 fillings. Filling number 1 – butternut squash cooked in maple syrup with flaked almonds and spinach. Filling number 2 – mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and spinach with cashew butter. As I had a bit of a manic day and knew I wouldn’t have time to prepare food, so prepared this the day before.
Just because the majority of deli foods are off limits to vegan, does not mean that tasty packed lunches are off limits.
It also doesn’t mean having hummus sandwiches all the time (not that i’d particularly mind that!). Regardless, here’s just the sushi fillings I went with yesterday. I’m not going to actually ‘formally’ write the recipes, as all the ingredients are listed and the method is just cook them then use as a filling!


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