Vegan Feast

Vegan Feast

I know what you’re thinking, 2 posts in 12 hours, what’s happening?! You’re probably not thinking that, but I am. And I know the reason. It’s called procrastination. I have some very important packing to do as I’m off backpacking tomorrow, but seem to want to do everything but. I have justified writing this post by using it as a lead to apologise to everyone in advance as I may not be posting as much the next couple of months, certainly not in terms of recipes anyway.

As I am off tomorrow, I had a bit of a leaving do yesterday, to which I served up a vegan feast, I certainly don’t have the time (or short term memory) to remember the recipes and write them all out for you (i’m a throw it all in cook, so unless I write things down as I go along, I usually forget). I probably at some point will try to recreate these recipes (particualrly the tofu cake) so I can photograph them and post them up on here. But for now you just get a list of all the yummy food I had yesterday to leave you in awe and anticipation….although I did manage to squeeze in some photos of the beet salad and wrote the recipe, so stay tuned for that one in the near future.

All the dishes listed are (well, were) vegan and features a lot of hummus related dishes and ingredients

Pizza, with basil crust and topped with tomato, red pesto and fresh basil

Onion and dill quiche

Lamb’s lettuce and watercress sald, with roasted butternut squash and tomatoes with tahini dressing

Hummus carrot wraps

Tofu and ginger sticky toffee cake

Adzuki and french lentil chilli

Hummus sushi
Beetroot salad with watercress


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