AQUAPAX Recyclable and Sustainable solution to thirst!

AQUAPAX Recyclable and Sustainable solution to thirst!

So I’ve increasingly been noticing AQUAPAX water on the shelves when I go shopping but never really paid any attention to it, I generally go for standard tap water. However, now the cold weather phase is coming to an end, I’ve stopped wanting my hot breakfast tea in exchange for a cool lass of water or juice, so I finally decided to give it a go after a big speech on it’s benefits, and at £1 per individual carton I didn’t have much to lose.

What makes this water different from other water is firstly it’s packaging. It’s made predominantly from reused materials and is the only packaged water that is able to encourage reusage of the packaging….(i always refill my plastic bottles, however if you take a look at the bottles closer they will state not to). If you don’t want to reuse the carton, it is still 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Secondly, this water has a ph balance of less than 7.1, making it the most neutral water available on the shelf. Regualtions allow water to be sold if the ph is between 4.5-9.5, and a lot of mineral waters will be more alkaline due to the minerals picked up from the rocks. Also carbonated water will tend to be slightly more acidic due to the carbon dioxide (which I can personally recognise in the taste). This neutral ph makes it the only water on the market safety approved for giving to babies.

I will grant that this was a very refreshing glass, love the packaging, and was the most tasteless water i’ve ever had (I mean this in a very positive way). If you are someone who prefers not to drink water out of the tap then this is definitely worth a try, it is not much more expensive than a standard bottle of water and you will be supporting the environment.

However, despite all it’s benefits, any water, drinking tap water, mineral, carbonated or aquapax, are all beneficial to good health in their own ways, offering minerals and nutrients needed in a balanced diet as well as the most important job of keeping us hydrated and healthy!

Aquapax is sold at Waitrose, holland and barratts stores as well as many independent retailers… check out the aquapax website for a more information and to check out where you can find it closest to you.


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